ANTIHELD new music video for ’Find What U Love’ from their album »Goldener Schuss« – kick off »Goldener Schuss Tour 2020«

With the album »Goldener Schuss«, the five guys from Stuttgart, ANTIHELD, entered the official German album charts on #63 and cut out both a sound statement and a textual statement. Including the three nicely worked-in interludes, a total of 21 (!) tracks merge into a coherent overall picture that deserves the title concept album. The development of the band to the top literally jumps at you in all facets, although a reduction and return to the bare core is part of this development.

Today, ANTIHELD kick off their »Goldener Schuss Tour 2020« and release their new music video for ‘Find What You Love’!

Watch their new music video for ‘Find What You Love’ here: https://youtu.be/H72a_sp0bws
Buy or/and stream the new album »Goldener Schuss« here: https://ANTIHELD.lnk.to/GoldenerSchuss

»ANTIHELD Goldener Schuss Tour 2020«
14.02.20 – Saarbrücken – Garage
27.02.20 – Passau – Zauberberg
28.02.20 – Götzis, Austria – Kulturbühne Ambach
06.03.20 – Kiel – Traum GmbH Orange Club
07.03.20 – Bremen – Kulturzentrum Lagerhaus
13.03.20 – Aschaffenburg – Colos-Saal
14.03.20 – Münster – Sputnik Cafe
20.02.20 – Nürnberg – Club Stereo
27.03.20 – Wuppertal – Live Club Bremen
28.03.20 – Hameln – Sumpfblume Kultur- und Kommunikationszentrum
03.04.20 – Potsdam – Waschhaus
04.04.20 – Annaberg-Buchholz – Soziokulturelles Zentrum Alte Brauerei e.V.
Tickets: https://www.antiheldmusik.com/konzerte/

Press quotes:

“I am sure that these guys will make it and become heroes for a lot of new people”
– Toughmagazine.de

“The new album is beautifully rough and bolshi with critical and bold lyrics. Wonderfully unadjusted and up do date”
– hellfire-magazin.de

ANTIHELD: “Our roots meant that “Goldener Schuss” was an album we found ourselves compelled to write and record. A rock album with punk appeal – no more good-mood-pop music. Ruthless self-therapy.
We would have laughed if someone said that we would end up covering a song by Nena in the future. But this fucked up and harsh reality we live in cries out for clear statements, open arms and loud critics about the inhumanity dealing with people seeking for help. Boundaries are man-made and nothing but words on paper.”

Robin Baumann, Arising Empire: “I instantly fell in love with the new album when I first heard it! I am super happy and proud that my Stuttgart neighbours ANTIHELD are now part of the Arising Empire family! The journey has just begun!”

Missed the first singles?
Watch ’99 Luftballons 2019′ here: https://youtu.be/2a3KhWswshI
Watch ‘Goldener Schuss’ + Acoustic here: https://youtu.be/CCHkpth4Ppc
Watch ‘Ma Petite Belle’ here: https://youtu.be/wy1LA1ejNwc

»Goldener Schuss«  tracklist:
01. Introduktion
02. Ma Petite Belle
03. Präsidenten
04. Goldener Schuss
05. Interlude I
06. Herz
07. Find What U Love
08. VII
09. Interlude II
10. Mach Mirn Kind
11. Interlude III
12. 99 Luftballons 2019
13. Nie Wieder Lieben
14. Gott
15. Babylon
16. Sonnenkind
17. Vollrausch
18. Ma Petite Belle – Akustik Version
19. Mach Mirn Kind – Akustik Version
20. Mama – Akustik Version
21. Goldener Schuss – Akustik Version

What does a young band do after their debut album, two tours with sold-out shows  all over Germany a home game in front of 1,500 people? Netflix and ‘Ficken für den Weltfrieden’ or maybe move to ‘Berlin am Meer’? Of course nothing like that, because the five guys from Stuttgart, ANTIHELD, stay true to themselves and their Swabian village-metropolis, go back to the rehearsal room and work on new material.
Quickly, it becomes very clear, where the journey is going, the sound is getting rougher and the ever more personal lyrics pinpoint the mood of a generation, incapable of relationships and politically fragile. Each song is like a slap in the face with a kiss and every line a hug with a knife in the back. Logically and consistently, nothing describes this broken, intoxicating transience better than the new album called »Goldener Schuss«.

With Arising Empire a strong and competent partner was found who understood and shared the ideas and visions of the band from the beginning

Luca Opifanti | Vocals & Guitar
André Zweifel | Guitar
Matze Brendle | Bass
Arne Brien | Drums
Henry Kasper | Accordion & Piano

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