Final Stair

FINAL STAIR stand for a symbiosis of experiences, feelings, pain and passion and the will to create music full of inspirational stories. They relentlessly pursue this objective and climb the stairs step by step, overcome obstacles, always together, that’s what FINAL STAIR sounds like.

The trio of the twins and their blood brother unveal the art of writing contagious rock music in the modern age. Inspirational lyrics are enwrapped in a massive wall of sound with an infectious effect. With this overwhelming energy they reach different generations hungry for genuine music, powerful sound and authentic stories.

The brilliant trio of the twins and their blood brother refine the art of writing addictive rock music. They merge inspirational lyrics with a massive soundscape unleashing a contagious effect on their listeners. With this overwhelming energy they reach different generations hungry for authentic stories and powerful sound.

FINAL STAIR boast an impressive success story already. Their songs reach a global audience and make it into influential playlists like New Music Friday, their songs are licensed by NETFLIX and have appeared on compilations by Universal Music.

The international media coverage on the band has been just as impressive, with features in KERRANG! in the UK, Alternative Press and Digital Tour Bus in the USA, Tonspion and Dressed Like Machines in Germany and with reviews and radio airplay in Australia, France, Spain and Germany.

FINAL STAIR have toured Europe and China. The band has played headlining shows at MAO Livehouse in Shanghai and at several festivals such as the Sazavafest, Focus FestivalDithmarscher Rockfestival and Taubertal Festival. The trio always makes it unmistakably clear how much engaging live shows mean to them.

FINAL STAIR indeed sound like a band that is unstoppable and their latest single proves yet again that their creativity and energy is far from exhausted. The trio stands for exceptional style, massive sound and overwhelmingly intense shows.

FINAL STAIR take no prisoners.

Istvan Vörös| Vocals, Guitar
Denes Vörös | Bass
André Seidel | Drums