Scarlet was born from the screaming rage and pain of mankind. She grew up in different places, places you have never heard of before. Places where the cold never ended and where darkness ruled all seasons. She learned how to survive without the sun, without love and without light. She became a warrior that now has a mission to help people that are in need of it.
With her skull mask and big persona she dominates the hard rock and heavy metal scene. Her music is hard and fast yet with dynamic moments of very emotional arrangements. Scarlet raps, sings and growls through heavy riffs and soft ballads. It is hard not to be moved by this new phenomenon!
“My music is my only true and genuine outlet to channel my darkness and “fuckedupness” in a creative, productive and healthy way. Without that outlet I would probably fall right back into a destructive shit hole. No one but you can truly make the change that need to be made and find what makes you happy.”

Scarlet | Vocals

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