TO KILL ACHILLES sign deal with Arising Empire!

Arising Empire are proud to welcome TO KILL ACHILLES to the family!

TO KILL ACHILLES are a five-piece alternative rock band from Dundee, Scotland. The band are set to release their sophomore album via Arising Empire.
Taking lyrical inspiration from personal life experiences and musical influence from a wide variety of alternative genres has allowed them to create a piece of art which fully encapsulates the bands message:
“We only exist when we exist together”.

To celebrate the addition of TO KILL ACHILLES to the Arising Empire family and their upcoming material, we present you the re-release of ‘Venom‘ – a strong and emotional song, packed with a punch.

Watch the musicvideo for ‘Venom‘ now: https://youtu.be/rt9R10Yzau4
Get the song here: https://ToKillAchilles.lnk.to/venom

TO KILL ACHILLES have extensively toured across the UK, the majority of Europe and Russia with bands such as WE CAME AS ROMANS, COUNTERPARTS, WHILE SHE SLEEPS, I KILLED THE PROM QUEEN, HEART IN HAND, BETRAYING THE MARTYRS and many more.

Tindal | Vocals
Larrry | Guitar
Sharpie | Guitar
Tippett | Bass
Baz | Drums

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Arising Empire welcomes ONE MORNING LEFT to the family!

Founded in 2008 in Vaasa, Finland, ONE MORNING LEFT is well known for their unique blend of electro, hardcore and metalcore influences as well as their entertaining and energetic live shows where absolutely anything can happen.
ONE MORNING LEFT has gathered extensive live performance experience playing countless shows in Finland, touring mainland Europe, Russia, and the Baltics, and even performed in as faraway places as Iceland and Japan (with packed venues to boot), both as a supporting act and as a headliner. ONE MORNING LEFT has played shows with bands like AMARANTHEMACHINAE SUPREMACYADEPTPROTEST THE HEROFEAR OF DOMINATIONTURMION KÄTILÖT and WE BUTTER THE BREAD WITH BUTTER. The band has also graced the Finnish festival season, playing renowned festivals like Tuska Open Air and Rockfest.

ONE MORNING LEFT‘s debut album »The Bree-Teenz« in 2011. The album reached #30 on Finland’s official album charts, followed by the sophomore album »Our Sceneration« at #45 in 2013.

ONE MORNING LEFT is currently putting the finishing touches on their 4th full length album with additional firepower from seasoned players Tuukka Ojansivu on guitar and Miska Sipiläinen on bass guitar, as well as the return-to-form of keyboard player Touko Keippilä from the band’s original »Panda <3 Penguin« line-up. The album is shaping up to be the artistic peak of the band’s musical “blood mountain” and everything the band has wanted all along: epic lyrics carried by soaring vocal melodies and harmonies with gritty, aggressive and distinctive dirty vocals from front man Mika Lahti, along with breathtaking keyboard leads, blisteringly fast guitars, masterful bass riffs and feverish drum parts.

“Join us on our quest to make the world a bit more epic!”


Go check out their previous discography HERE!

Mika Lahti | Lead Vocals
Leevi Luoto | Guitar & Lead Vocals
Tuukka Ojansivu | Guitar & Backing Vocals
Miska Sipiläinen | Bass & Backing Vocals
Touko Keippilä | Keyboards & Backing Vocals
Niko Hyttinen | Drums

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MISTER MISERY release new single ’Strangeland’!

After the successful release of their debut album »Unalive«, including the songs ‘My Ghost’‘The Blood Waltz’‘Alive’ and ‘Tell Me How’, MISTER MISERY from Stockholm, Sweden released new material for their fans – keeping the flame alive in these extraordinary times!

Watch the lyric video to their new single ‘Strangeland’ now: https://youtu.be/_sfN1BJyZMI
Get the song here: https://MisterMisery.lnk.to/Strangeland

MISTER MISERY: „In these strange times, we wanna do what we can to keep the flame (un)alive in our fans!
That’s why we decided to release an older, unreleased song from the Unalive era that didn’t make the album.
“Strangeland” is about a dark, horrifying world with all the scary goodies and nightmares to keep you entertained throughout this pandemic.
We’re thrilled to release something new to all of our ghosts out there, so let’s head to Strangeland, shall we?“

The band released their debut record »Unalive« via Arising Empire in October last year.
Buy and/or stream »Unalive« as CD or vinyl here: https://MisterMisery.lnk.to/Unalive

More on »Unalive«:
Watch the music video for ‘Tell Me How’https://youtu.be/hl02oJRTm1I
Watch the music video for ‘Alive’ here: https://youtu.be/vuruUqV9Wkw
Watch the music video for ‘The Blood Waltz’: https://youtu.be/svwrrY9iN3Y
Watch the music video for ‘My Ghost’: https://youtu.be/ccxbK4ZVUeg

MISTER MISERY is a four piece metal band from the streets of Stockholm, founded in February 2018 by Harley Vendetta & Alex Nine. By blending high energy riffs with anthemic choruses and ripping guitar solos, they have managed not only to create a hype in the underground metal community, but also caught the attention of renowned founder of Nuclear Blast/Arising Empire, Markus Staiger, leading the band to sign a record deal with Arising Empire in 2019.
In addition MISTER MISERY has also signed with booking company Contra Promotion, housing bands such as NIGHTWISH, ANTHRAX, THE 69 EYES and many more.

MISTER MISERY just finished their self produced and mixed debut album, »Unalive«, that will shock the world as a first representation of a brand new band. Hungry to light a fire inside the hearts of the restless and broken around the world, MISTER MISERY not only delivers musically but pushes boundaries in their theatrical and chaotic performances. Resurrecting the wild spirit of the 80’s while also incorporating horror elements and classical composition, MISTER MISERY proves to be a promising virtuous and maniacal newcomer in the alternative metal scene.

Their brand new debut record »Unalive« reflects the emotions and struggles of a journey taken by the four members, including death, jail time, abandonment, drugs and poverty. Through every individual experience they’ve managed to turn that misery into something inspiring, and with that inspiration managed to pull themselves up from the dirt and given life to what they now call MISTER MISERY.
The album title itself is inspired by their undead, vampiric look and it’s their way to depict visually what it felt like for them to be metaphorically dead on the inside.

In collaboration with Arising Empire and Contra Promotions, MISTER MISERY will kick-start their career and promote their debut album »Unalive« worldwide on October 4th 2019.
The future looks bright for these young metalheads and with a European tour starting October 10th to November 3rd they will end their most successful year so far.
“This would not have been possible if not Markus Staiger and the amazing team at Arising Empire and Contra Promotions believed in the band as much as they have. We are all very humbled and excited to start this journey together with the Arising family and all these talented people around us”- says Harley, Alex, Eddie & Rizzy

With »Unalive«, MISTER MISERY shows their musical talent and showmanship right from the start of the journey, not holding back on anything. With their catchy choruses, insane writing and guitar composition, with elements from every musical genre known to man, they are starved for stardom and to show the world how metal and rock is still alive and kicking in the 21st century.

Harley Vendetta | Vocals/Guitars
Alex Nine | Guitars
Eddie Crow | Bass
Rizzy| Drums

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SLIME »Wem Gehoert Die Angst« enters the Official German Album Charts on #9!

SLIME celebrate their 40th band anniversary and enter the Official German Album Charts on #9 with their strongest album »Wem Gehört Die Angst«, out now! Congratulations!

On »Wem Gehört Die Angst«, SLIME stay true to their line and address important social problems such as anger, activism and the ongoing struggle against fascism.
To celebrate their new album, the band released the music video for ‘Die Suchenden’!

»Wem Gehört Die Angst« is available as CD as well as exclusively and in limited quantities as an LP in black, as well as three different colors (200 each), at Flight13, Coretex and the Nuclear Blast Mailorder!
Buy the new album »Wem Gehört Die Angst« as CD or exclusively limited LP here: https://Slime.lnk.to/WemGehoertDieAngst

Watch the music video for ‘Die Suchenden’ here: https://youtu.be/dI7QWEUhoJA

If you want to experience SLIME live, you can do so on the current »Durch alle Höllen und Tiefen« tour.
 »Durch alle Höllen und Tiefen«-Tour
(Postponed tour dates)
05.12. Aachen / Musikbunker
22.12. Berlin / So 36
23.12. Berlin / So 36 (ausverkauft)
27.12. Hamburg / Große Freiheit 36
Tickets: https://www.eventim.de/artist/slime/

»Wem Gehört Die Angst« tracklist:
01. Wem Gehört Die Angst
02. Paradies
03. Hölle
04. Die Suchenden
05. Wenn Wir Wollen
06. Ebbe Und Flut
07. Die Toten Wollen Wieder Alleine Sein
08. Weisser Abschaum
09. Die Masse
10. Fette Jahre
11. Kein Mensch
12. Odyssee
13. Solidarity

Listen to ‘Hölle’ here: https://youtu.be/Q84RpoMKzXc
Watch the music video for ‘Wem Gehört Die Angst’ here: https://youtu.be/8dV4V_NgZt0

SLIME is an institution that has existed intermittently since the 1980s and who shaped political punk rock in Germany like no other band. SLIME is now in the tenth year after her reunion, and that’s a damn good thing. Because we still need strong voices against fascism, we still need punk and we still need SLIME.

SLIME founding fathers Dirk Jora (vocals), Elf (guitar), Christian Mevs (guitar) and the new members Nici (bass) and Alex Schwers (drums) seem to be aware of their responsibilities and have now recorded their third studio album since their reunification. On »Wem Gehört Die Angst« SLIME stay true to their line and address important social problems such as anger, activism and the ongoing struggle against fascism. Whether biographically such as at ‘Ebbe Und Flut’ or steady as in ‘Paradies‘, where people are concerned who have always questioned the prevailing circumstances. Or as a clear political declaration of war against the Nazification of the West. ‘Die Toten Wollen Wieder Alleine Sein’, ‘Weisser Anschaum’, the title song ‘Wem Gehört Die Angst’, ‘Fetten Jahre’ – the new punk rock hits beyond the hits are ruthless reflections of a time when dark browns are marching in again undisturbed sits in the parliaments.
And all this in the classic SLIME guise: driving, angry, melancholic, but always hymnical and direct.

SLIME are:
Dirk | Vocals
Elf | Guitar
Christian | Gutiar
Nici | Bass
Alex | Drums

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FINAL STAIR – sign with Arising Empire and release brand new single ’Headgames’!

Arising Empire are proud to announce the signing of FINAL STAIR. Twins with an edge. Genuine rock.
Welcome to the family!

FINAL STAIR stand for a symbiosis of experiences, feelings, pain and passion and the will to create music full of inspirational stories. They relentlessly pursue this objective and climb the stairs step by step, overcome obstacles, always together, that’s what FINAL STAIR sounds like.

The trio of the twins and their blood brother unveal the art of writing contagious rock music in the modern age. Inspirational lyrics are enwrapped in a massive wall of sound with an infectious effect. With this overwhelming energy they reach different generations hungry for genuine music, powerful sound and authentic stories.

FINAL STAIR shift up a gear again. The band signed a record deal with Arising Empire and just announced the release of their latest single ‘Headgames’. The single captures its audience with a dynamic and powerful buildup throughout the song and with its sharp contrast between emotional intimacy and massive wall of sound.

Watch the music video for ‘Headgames’ here now: https://youtu.be/DwHafVnkQZ8
Get the song here: https://FinalStair.lnk.to/Headgames

FINAL STAIR: “We are very proud to have signed a record deal with our friends at Arising Empire. As an artist it is a big deal to have partners believe in you and your work. We are stoked to have found such a great home for our music and want to take the opportunity to say thank you to our new friends at Arising Empire and Nuclear Blast! Thank you for supporting us on our incredible journey!”

The brilliant trio of the twins and their blood brother refine the art of writing addictive rock music. They merge inspirational lyrics with a massive soundscape unleashing a contagious effect on their listeners. With this overwhelming energy they reach different generations hungry for authentic stories and powerful sound.

FINAL STAIR boast an impressive success story already. Their songs reach a global audience and make it into influential playlists like New Music Friday, their songs are licensed by NETFLIX and have appeared on compilations by Universal Music.

The international media coverage on the band has been just as impressive, with features in KERRANG! in the UK, Alternative Press and Digital Tour Bus in the USA, Tonspion and Dressed Like Machines in Germany and with reviews and radio airplay in Australia, France, Spain and Germany.

FINAL STAIR have toured Europe and China. The band has played headlining shows at MAO Livehouse in Shanghai and at several festivals such as the Sazavafest, Focus FestivalDithmarscher Rockfestival and Taubertal Festival. The trio always makes it unmistakably clear how much engaging live shows mean to them.

FINAL STAIR indeed sound like a band that is unstoppable and their latest single proves yet again that their creativity and energy is far from exhausted. The trio stands for exceptional style, massive sound and overwhelmingly intense shows.

FINAL STAIR take no prisoners.

Istvan Vörös| Vocals, Guitar
Denes Vörös | Bass
André Seidel | Drums

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FUTURE PALACE – sign with Arising Empire – release brand new single ’Illusionist’

Arising Empire are proud to announce the signing of up and coming female fronted Post-Hardcore formation FUTURE PALACE. Welcome to the family!

FUTURE PALACE is the hope for a tomorrow. A tomorrow that can be influenced while it remains to be unexpected. Fronted by YouTube rising star Maria aka ItsPandaCore, guitarist Manuel and drummer Johannes; FUTURE PALACE reflects this insatiable desire for change.
Their impulsive and passionate mix of Alternative Rock and Ambientcore gives an insight into their hopes, their tomorrow and future – it is a diary of omnipresent vulnerability and the search for a remedy.
In collaboration with Christoph Wieczorek (ANNISOKAY/Sawdust Recordings) many years in several bands and lots of unsaid things were merged into this first release which gives a voice to hope and inaugurates the future.
Today marks the beginning of a new chapter with first single ‘Illusionist’ featured by Tobias Rische (ALAZKA) via Arising Empire.

Watch the new single ‘Illusionist’ feat. Tobias Rische here: https://youtu.be/6-FbQYcAoc0
Get the song here: https://FuturePalace.lnk.to/Illusionist

“We’re beyond happy that we found our musical home in Arising Empire. Making the first steps together and being part of a family with many great bands we’re looking into a bright future together with an extremely motivated team.“ FUTURE PALACE

Maria | Vocals
Manuel | Guitar
Johannes | Drums

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IMMINENCE – acoustic album »Turn The Light On: Acoustic Reimagination« out now and release music video for acoustic version of ’Disconnected’!

Today, Swedish alternative metalcore outfit IMMINENCE released their acoustic album »Turn The Light On: Acoustic Reimagination«!
The acoustic reimagination of the third album featuring new versions of the songs from the album as well as their special take on ‘Crawling’ by LINKIN PARK and bonus tracks of the popular songs ‘A Mark On My Soul’, ‘Wine & Water’ and ‘This Is Goodbye’!
»Turn The Light On: Acoustic Reimagination« comes in two different physical designs limited up to 500 unit each and are exclusivly available via Impericon and band as well as on their European album tour 2020 »Turn The Light On: Album Tour Pt. II«!
The physical formates include their special acoustic reimaginations already released of their singles ‘Saturated Soul’, ‘Erase’ and ‘Infectious’ and holds a special extendend version!
To celebrate this piece of art the band also released the music video for the acoustic version of ‘Disconnected’!

Watch the music video for the acoustic version of ‘Disconnected’ here: https://youtu.be/h1BJ-62DShA
Buy »Turn The Light On: Acoustic Reimagination« via Impericon or IMMINENCE here: https://IMMINENCE.lnk.to/TurnTheLightOnAcoustic

‘”t’s a wonderful feeling looking back at the past two years of creating and living through ’Turn The Light On’. With this EP we are celebrating and revisiting an album that has meant so much to us as a band. Now we feel more than ready to complete the circle and go on the album tour through Europe starting January 15th, it’s something we have been longing for.”
Eddie Berg

More on »Turn The Light On: Acoustic Reimagination«:
Watch the new single ‘Crawling’ (Acoustic) here: https://youtu.be/HkXyZD58fgo
Watch ‘Saturated Soul’ (Acoustic) here: https://youtu.be/GC6KIxG8Rg8
Watch the audio video stream for ‘Erase’ (Acoustic) here: https://youtu.be/_1qGrKtj9JU
Watch the audio video stream for ‘Infectious’ (Acoustic) here: https://youtu.be/KOYjsGVdt48

»Turn The Light On: Acoustic Reimagination« tracklist:
1. Erase (Acoustic)
2. Saturated Soul (Acoustic)
3. Crawling (Linkin Park Cover)
4. Disconnected (Acoustic)
5. Infectious (Acoustic)
6. A Mark on My Soul – Remastered Bonus Track
7. Wine & Water (Acoustic) – Remastered Bonus Track
8. This Is Goodbye (Acoustic) – Remastered Bonus Track

IMMINENCE will be embarking on a huge European tour with their label-mates THE OKLAHOMA KID! Learn more below!

European album tour 2020
»Turn The Light On: Album Tour Pt. II«
15.01 DEN – Copenhagen, Beta
16.01 GER – Hamburg, Logo
17.01 GER – Munster, Sputnik Café *SOLD OUT
18.01 NED – Amsterdam, Q-Factory *UPGRADE
19.01 ENG – London, Thousand Island
21.01 FRA – Paris, La Boule Noire
22.01 BEL – Aarschot, De Klinker Club
24.01 GER – Trier, Mergener Hof
25.01 GER – Cologne, Gebäude 9 *SOLD OUT
26.01 GER – Stuttgart, Wizemann Club
27.01 SUI – Pratteln, Z7
28.01 ITA – Milan, Circolo Svolta
30.01 AUT – Vienna, Chelsea
31.01 HUN – Budapest, Dürer Kert
01.02 CZE – Prague, Storm Club
02.02 POL – Wroclaw, D.K Luksus
04.02 GER – Hanover, Béi Chéz Heinz
05.02 GER – Dresden, Club Puschkin
06.02 GER – Munich, Backstage
07.02 GER – Frankfurt, Das Bett
08.02 GER – Berlin, Bi Nuu
Tickets on sale: https://bit.ly/2GyPXji

IMMINENCE entered the official German album charts on #91 with their brand new record »Turn The Light On«! Including their successful releases of the songs ‘Paralyzed’, ‘Infectious’, ‘Saturated Soul’ and their fourth single ‘Lighthouse’. Congratulations!

Buy the new album »Turn The Light On« here: https://IMMINENCE.lnk.to/TurnTheLightOn

”The new Imminence album is called ’Turn The Light On’ which encourages to shed light on the darkness we carry within. The lyrical theme of the record is inner conflict, self doubt, depression and self destruction. Music has always been, and now more than ever, an outlet and a way for me to cope with these emotions. This is my testimony to my mental ill-health. It is the most soul-baring, personal and important piece of work we have ever made as a band.”Eddie Berg (Vocals/Violine)

Press quotes:


“Turn the light on and commence auditory liftoff – An all-out triumph for a band on the verge of an epic worldwide breakthrough – sweeping and dynamic soundscapes ambitiously unveiled by one the most imaginative metalcore collectives on the planet today.”Highwire Daze

“The release proves to be more furious, darker than its predecessor and allows significantly more rough edges.”Metal.de

“Pure madness. Pure madness what a varied and highly emotional album Imminence unleash on humanity. A magnificent metalcore-record.“Rockmagazine.net

“As a post-Metalcore fan, you are guaranteed to get your money’s worth and be provided with a whole lot of diversity.”Moshpitpassion.de

“This successful balancing act between all its sound facets is the perfect business card to win more fans. You will definitely find “Turn The Lights On” in my annual Top 10.”Hellfire-magazin.de

More on »Turn The Light On«:
Watch ‘Erase’ here: https://youtu.be/5XuDkF_JZ58
Watch ‘Lighthouse’ here: https://youtu.be/mh4GQq3cL7Y
Watch ‘Saturated Soul’ here: https://youtu.be/gKqfVmz85d0
Watch ‘Infectious’ here: https://youtu.be/UgPujyXPM84
Watch ‘Paralyzed’ here: https://youtu.be/2HKRfKeVS78

»Turn The Light On« tracklist:

01. Erase
02. Paralyzed
03. Room To Breathe
04. Saturated Soul
05. Infectious
06. The Sickness
07. Death Of You
08. Scars
09. Disconnected
10. Wake Me Up
11. Don’t Tell A Soul
12. Lighthouse
13. Love & Grace


The third and highly anticipated album »Turn The Light On« embodies the diversity and vastness in IMMINENCE’s identity of heartrending emotion. A significant milestone in the group’s discography and an exceptional composition of sheer force and fragility that fears no boundaries or constraints.

Since the release of the previous record »This Is Goodbye« (2017), the Swedish alternative metalcore band IMMINENCE have strongly established themselves in the European scene as one of the most up-and-coming and exciting bands on the market today. With the success of their own headline tour and several sold out shows, they have reached a new plateau and are ready to truly distinguish themselves and their sound with their next album.

“The new Imminence album is called Turn The Light On which encourages to shed light on the darkness we carry within. The lyrical theme of the record is inner conflict, self-doubt, depression and self-destruction. Music has always been, and now more than ever, an outlet and a way for me to cope with these emotions. This is my testimony to my mental ill-health. It is the most soul-baring, personal and important piece of work we have ever made as a band.”
Eddie Berg

Fronted by vocalist and violinist Eddie Berg, guitarist Harald Barrett, drummer Peter Hanström and bass player Christian Höijer; IMMINENCE was formed in the southernmost part of Sweden and have over the years become one of the country’s most promising acts with a diverse sound and universe, embracing everything from metalcore to acoustic music. Founded by Eddie and Harald when they were just teenagers, the band grew organically with a constantly expanding fan-base all over the world while touring actively in Europe since the release of the band’s breakthrough single ‘The Sickness’ (2015).

One step backwards, two steps forward. With »Turn The Light On«, IMMINENCE dives right in to themselves and comes up with a collection of songs that covers the wide musical territory that has become associated with the band over the years. The new record mixes the rawness of the band’s hard-hitting, unrelenting instrumentation with the grandiosity and class from frontman Eddie Berg’s unmistakable melodies and violin arrangements. »Turn The Light On« demonstrates a remarkable musical diversity with each and every song being unique in its sound and message, creating a forcefield that embodies the entity that undoubtedly is Imminence.

“It has been two years of incredibly hard work and song writing leading up to Turn The Light On. This album was not about moving forward as much as moving inwards. It was about finding ourselves and showing what Imminence is all about. I believe it encapsulates and defines our sound over these years as a group. The creative process was anything but easy and gave me a lot of time for soul-searching, both musically and personally. Having waded through the darkest time in my mind for the better part of creating these songs and writing these lyrics, the music was the thing I held on to and that kept my head just above the surface long enough to catch my breath. The same way that it became a light in the dark for me, I hope that others may find the same in listening to our songs. That is what this album is, a symbol of hope. I truly think it all comes together as our best release as a band to date.”
Eddie Berg

”Even though we worked harder and more intensely than ever before, the writing process has been liberating and unhindered. I could wake up in the morning and feel inspired to write a song with a completely different approach than the one we wrote the day before, and I think both me and Eddie did our very best to keep our minds open throughout the writing of the album. There were really no rules applied. We actually never had a concrete idea of how we wanted the record to turn out, which was a bit worrying at the time. We had made a huge step in to another musical direction with This Is Goodbye and the road ahead was unclear. With time, we saw Turn The Light On taking shape right before our eyes and knew that all we had to do was to trust our own instincts and creativity.”
Harald Barrett

»Turn The Light On« was written and produced by guitarist Harald Barrett and vocalist Eddie Berg together, with drummer Peter Hanström writing additional drum parts and arrangements. The songs were mainly recorded at Alias Studio in France by Bert and Eric Poncet who further helped to engineer and produce the album. Drums were produced by Christian Svedin and recorded in Studio Mega, Sweden, while additional recordings of choirs and strings were recorded by the band in both Germany and at their home studio in Sweden.
The mix and master was done by Henrik Udd (winner of Best Producer at Heavy Music Awards 2017). During the years he’s been working with tons of talented bands and musicians and has been mixing, mastering, produced and recorded some of the most critically acclaimed albums with acts such as ARCHITECTS, BRING ME THE HORIZON, AT THE GATES, DELAIN, POWERWOLF, I KILLED THE PROM QUEEN, HAMMERFALL and many more.

”When I heard Henrik’s first mix draft, I was instantly convinced. It was all there and I had the feeling that he understood what we wanted to achieve with the new songs. Henrik delivered a production that was absolutely massive, yet elegant and authentic, without losing the organic touch and identity of us as musicians.”
Harald Barrett

From the deep, dark blue background of IMMINENCE’s ferocious and chaotic debut album I to the simplistic and jagged, colorful bird of the modernistic and melodic sophomore album »This Is Goodbye«, once again the band have worked with the same innovative designer Jakob Koc to create the artwork for »Turn The Light On«.

“Jakob is a long term friend of the band and it felt natural that we should ask him before anyone else. At this point he’s practically a part of Imminence, being so influential in the look and outcome of our visual universe since the start. There’s something about his simplistic approach that speaks to and corresponds with me deeply. He has continually developed alongside with the band and I think he really outdid himself this time. The artwork is a perfect representation of the lyrical theme, with the beautiful and bright façade concealing something much darker beneath, paired with the distinctive icon that symbolizes hope and light in the dark. Symbols have virtually become something of a trademark sign of the band and this one is definitely my favorite so far.”
Eddie Berg

Eddie Berg | Vocals/Violin
Harald Barrett | Guitar
Alex Arnoldsson | Guitar
Christian Höijer | Bass
Peter Hanström | Drums

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